How comportment speaks, influences the voice

A poem from my contemplations on relationships in education:

How comportment speaks, influences the voice

Our comportment speaks to another,
Allowing glimpses of our being,
They find us in moments,
Calling for relating.

Our being-in-the-world is ‘as comportment’,
The ‘how’ of our ‘being-there-with’,
Each ‘how’ is sensed and felt,
Influencing relating.

Good teachers comport ‘towards’ their students,
To the ‘person’ in relationship,
Turning towards they relate,
Impressing the relating.

Your comportment changes our relating,
Opening and closing my way-of-being,
The way I stand is seen & heard,
Changing our relating.

We are found attuning to the comportment of another,
Our voices showing this experience of relating,
At times speaking, at times silenced,
Always the voice in relating.

Comporting an unspoken accessible way-of-being
Other’s ways-of-being are called out and open,
Togetherness evitable; the ‘how’ changeable
Found in relating.

(c) David L. Giles

18 February 2008


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