Imposed rest

Lying in a hospital bed as I write, I am pondering my acceptance of a rest that is given; required, somewhat imposed. Normally, I appreciate moments of being ‘in’ rest. Not so easy finding the way to be from a constrained environment (and yet this is analogous to our everyday way of being); albeit, my current home is very present.

There is an aspect of surrendering to rest as spaces for see-ing, hear-ing differently, of wondering about our being. Yielding is not initially rationale, controlled, held. Rather yielding ‘as’ a letting go, letting rest find us, being towards openings …

Resting spaces as openings to ‘let learning’ come; indeed let thoughts find us (Heidegger).

D Giles 21 May 2013

4 thoughts on “Imposed rest”

  1. Hi David, I too have had a similar experience recently, from a hospital bed. It came at what I thought was the most inconvienient time -8 weeks to go till I finish my thesis! However now I can see it was perfect timing. I needed to surrender old thought patterns in order for my mind to rest and while it was in this space I rekindled with my own voice, a voice that has been ‘should-ing’ on myself for over a year. The compulsory STOP about 2 months ago has been one of the most significant times of coming to know myself as a learner and what I personally need to finish my thesis.

    Hope your recovery is luxuriously slow (he he)

    1. Hi Ange

      Interesting isn’t it how the space and place to allow for a different perspective that adds to the restless of our lives finds us. We don’t look for the moment but the space and opportunity find us.

      The home straight for your thesis. Well done.

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