Rest, relationships, and leadership

Rest, relationships, and leadership

Our way of being in the world is relational. Who we are is relational. How we are is relational. A way of being that is ‘restful’ is also relational.

How I am ‘in’ relationship with myself and others is integral to how I am rest-full in my every day living. My sense of rest personally is constructed within the context of the many inter-relationships I find myself in.

It is more typical to associate rest with an individual whereas the reality of being ‘in’ rest involves many relationships. Rest then might be seen as a quality of the relationships ‘between’ us. Another person’s way of being then influences my rest.

Notice too that rest is not being considered here in relation to being busy or task related, rather in relation to the relational nature of our collective ‘way of being’.

What links can be made then to the nature of leadership?

How often do we describe ducational leaders as restful beings?
How often do we describe educational organisations as restful organisations?
How as educational leaders do we engender or enable a great sense of rest with our educational communities?
Is being restful, antithetical to being a leader and model for others?


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