Dr Pedro Noguera (Steinhardt School of Education, New York University)

“What community supplies: Building partnerships and systems to transform schools”.

“Can’t be about us without us” (Miguel Acosta)

Schools are influenced by their environment.

How can we use education to break the cycle of poverty?
How can schools become assets to the communities they serve?
How can we get out students excited about learning?

Schools must contribute to the well being of the community.

Strengths-based approach – social capital; cultivate talents / strengths

Process of capacity building – students need hope and (and collective) agency to break the cycle of poverty.

Balancing technical and adaptive work (Hiefitz, Leadership on the line)

What does it take to educate (serve) children in our schools?
Schools must adapt to the needs of the community.
Teaching is a cultural exchange. Knowing the children is the work.

Poverty is not a learning disability but, when poverty is ignored it can be disabling.

Understanding the constraints: agency, structure, culture.
Need to do better than before.

Educational leaders serve the community.

Hope lives.

Developing systems of support for students by developing the capacity of the school.
– Get to know your local community.
– Releasing leadership.
– Faith in what people can do.



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