Some thoughts on my poems from a friend, Xiaomin Jiao

“Being-in-the-world” before we realize
The “how’ of being-there before we know “how”
The “how” develops with “being-there-with”
Then comes the “why”

Possibilities of being-there-with all
Opportunities of being-there-with some
Each opportunity comes for a reason
Some become the “whys” of the “hows”

Sharing common world
Understanding the differences
Developing interest of exploring
Finding the “why”
Practicing the “how” of relating

To relate
Responses of being related
The changeable “hows’, as you say
Found in relating

Xiaomin Jiao 10/11/13


Growth and formation

I love my vegetable gardening. I water my vegetables every day. The plant’s growth requires my care. As the carer, I deliberately consider the plant’s growth every week. These is no need for any kind of measurement more frequently than once a week.

Interestingly, my measurement and observations provide information amongst the nature of ‘my care’

Consider then assessment as ‘careful’

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