Holding aspirations in an open hand alongside our opportunities

On vacation, my day to day activity slows down significantly.
In the process, I’m noticing how others can make decisions that impact on my holiday aspirations.

Let me illustrate:

‘Fishing’ – I’ve been waiting with enormous excitement for a fishing charter. On the first occasion, the weather was too stormy, so the trip was called off. On the second occasion, this morning, I was up at 630am for a 830 launch, had extra clothes on in case of cold or wet weather, had my suntan lotion on, my lunch packed, water packed, had an early breakfast (so I didn’t need to use the loo at sea – an important consideration). It’s 730 and my excitement is building. Pauline and I discuss her plans and my pick up given that our mobile phones have no reception in the area. Getting closer to driving to the rendeveux at the boat ramp. And then the knock on the door. Breaking news (in more ways than one); the others booked in for the charter had pulled out and so the trip was cancelled!

‘No power’ – I’m sitting on the floor having celebrated the Aussie wipe wash of the English in the ashes cricket series. Next up is Leyton Hewitt versus Roger Federer in the final match of the Brisbane tennis open. Hewitt wins the first set – unbelievable! It’s 4 – 2 in the second set and the TV goes completely blank. What timing! I check other power sockets – nothing is working. We knock on the door of the owners of the Bed & Breakfast. The switchboards are checked; the remedy is not close at hand! We decide to go out for tea as the owners work on a solution. We return from tea and nothing has changed. Must be a job for an electrician, so I guess we must wait for the morning despite what we think about the situation. I wake in the morning and call to Pauline, “it must have rained in the night and there is water on the floor. Did you hear the rain?” There was no rain (besides, the door was shut). I am beginning to wake from my usual muddled waking state. With no power, the fridge had defrosted over night; the sequel to having no power! An immediate solution, in the car for a coffee at the local cafe in the hope of fully waking and to contemplate these happenings.

What should be told is the 2 stories above happened at the same time!! Yes, water on the floor and no fishing!

So here we are; no fishing, wet floor, no reception for our phones, 2nd to last day of our holidays.

It’s nearly lunchtime. We have had a lovely drive and walk along the water front – great for getting perspective and considering the opportunities we have (rather than the circumstances we find ourselves in).

What opportunity do we have ‘within’ the current circumstances? In short – lots! While walking, my darling shares her disappointment for the cancelled fishing trip and suggestions to take up an alternative charter when we get home (hows that!). I also notice a new fishing spot I haven’t tried (oh yes!) and plans are made to return to the spot in the afternoon :-).

Others make decisions, but it is our responsibility to proactively engage with our aspirations in the light of the opportunities we can now see individually and collectively. Our opportunities are possible paths to ‘relate’ with and in our circumstances.

Must go – lunch is up, and fishing follows.

O 4 fish


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