Crafting a sense of ourselves within our organisational roles

I made it! I have got to the end of my first week back at work after the vacation.

During my first 5 days, I have deliberately spent time exploring additional and alternative strategies for sustaining myself personally and professionally within the demands of my organisational role. I’m not talking about empty resolutions but rather a deliberate dialogue within myself and with those beside me, such that the year holds hopes and possibilities.

I like to think that these strategies can be shared, and that we can offer to others within the organisation thoughts and observations for their consideration, as they take their place for the ride that will be 2014.

Haslam suggests we live in a process of “crafting a sense of us” as we ready ourselves for the next months. This is true for the organisation. There is a sense that our availability to our colleagues and the intentionality of shared aspirations allows the growth of an organisation that knows itself. As Matt Megerson said, “The primary task of being a leader is to make sure that the organization knows itself”.

All the best for 2014


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