Sustainability, dialogue and intellectual rigour

I am noticing that ‘sustainability’ appears to be limited to a positive expression. For example, sustainability is seen when our experiences are great, when issues are lessened, when consensus exists amongst individuals.

This is not my understanding or use of the work. I would argue that the term and aspiration of sustainability is a matter of intellectual rigour and debate. In other words, sustainable outcomes might be more readily realised in a ‘charged and contestable’ context, where aspirations of collective sustainability are grappled with. Debate and dialogue are necessary and critical to shared understandings.

My point is that sustainability is not a ‘fair weather’ ideal, rather an aspiration that is located in the reciprocity and mutuality of people living with intentionality in relationship; in community. Sustainable outcomes then will always be in flux, dynamic and changeable, and in need of an authentic appropriation to a local context.

Still wondering ….


2 thoughts on “Sustainability, dialogue and intellectual rigour

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  1. Complicated contexts demand in us a redefining of sustainability through collaborative colleagiate dialogue. Keep sharing your reflections, David – they bring important food for thought and discussion. Thank you.

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