Experiencing Alaska

Arrived in Alaska safely, and woke from a 11 hour catch up sleep. The attached photo is the view from my hotel room. The mountains remind me of the Southern Alps in my homeland of New Zealand.

The Higher Education Teaching and Learning conference starts tomorrow. I’m presenting on the need to grow relational sensibilities in those teaching in tertiary contexts.

I am very grateful to Flinders University for contributing to the costs of the trip as this conference might provoke our thinking about our praxis within higher education. I have a sense of being ‘released’ for this time. Again I am thankful to Kay (Deputy Dean) and other leaders within the school of education with whom I walk; their ‘releasing’ of me allows space for my ‘enabling’.

Missing Pauline, my travelling companion. The up side is the opportunity to deeply ponder … as Martin Heidegger would say, to be available for the as-yet-unthought thoughts to ‘find’ me.

I have been people-watching in the hotel- which of these people work in universities? Are their characteristics? A similar way of being?

Off to my thinking

C u




Savouring a changed perspective

There are constant everyday reminders which call us … The craftsmanship of a classic vehicle … The powerful and self determining way of being a surfer … To French cooking.

We must hear the call into a way of being as a teacher and leader





Relational sensibilities as phenomena

Watching surfers at Duranbah beach, I’ve been pondering how surfers show sensibilities such as ‘nous’; reading the waves; ‘improvisation’ on the waves; and ‘resoluteness’ in terms of their staying power.

For your info, see “appreciatively building higher educators relational sensibilities”, vol 2 issue 1, Journal of Meaning Centered Education.

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