Grateful thanks for award

Unexpectedly and unknowingly , my recent HETL conference article was given special commendation.

Thanks HETL



Re-turn-ing with Alaska

Waiting in the airport for the first of 3 flights today (Alaska, Vancouver, Adelaide), 20 hours+ in planes!!

In one sense I am ‘leaving’ Alaska, and ‘going to’ Australia. Physically, I trust this to be so.

Another perspective might suggest that I am travelling ‘differently’, ’embodying’ conversations and images of the landscape, and the ‘look in the eyes’ of the many people I have met.

Who would have thought I would encounter the speechlessness of 4 men (from USA, Paraguay, France, Australia) from the conference I attended, watching a glacier break off after announcing these actions with a ‘booming ‘ sound. A speechless experience.

Who could have foreseen my ‘final’ dia-logue with two younger British academics, each engaged in, and wrestling with, deepening their transformative practices with those they find themselves serving. Claire, Alex – u were my capstone! You brought me back to the need for a ‘hope-filled’ agenda. While we see deficits, we are in this ‘game’ to, as Claire says, “inspire change”.

To relate is to be in dia-logue. Our dia-logue is indeed the ‘word’ BETWEEN ‘us’.

Appreciatively signing out



HETL 2014 presentation

I came here to listen, and I have tried to hear the words and the meanings between the lines, to read the black font and contemplate the white font.

I’ve enjoyed the clarity of purpose in a number of young researchers, and valued the wise heads with the message concerning technology being more than connectivity to include connectedness, movement from platforms to centralise pedagogy.

What do I bring?

A simple message:- all our educational endeavours are relational in nature. It’s not a putting relationship (they are already in), the real question is how are they mattering in our everyday experiences with our colleagues, students, and the developments we are planning.

HETL 2014 conference presentation



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