Looking back over my week from the 13th floor in Shanghai

Sometimes I feel like I’m flying on the ground and in the air.
Got back from my daughter’s wedding last Sunday. A beautiful bride says the father of the bride.
Pauline is staying on with family in NZ.
On Monday, Flinders launched the masters of educational leadership with a rural emphasis. The first group of students began their academic program between Monday and Wednesday.
Thursday was another day for packing.
On Friday morning I set the alarm for 4 AM to get to the airport for a flight to China.
Flew into Shanghai last nite after 12 hours flying from Adelaide via Sydney.
28° outside.
Very different temperature to Adelaide where I was wearing a woolen coat.
It’s midday here.
Have my feet up.
Water bottle on stand by.
Have done a couple of hours wondering with many notes now in my journal.
That energy burst has come to an end.
Pondering a nap.
Taxi arrives at 3 PM for a 5 PM flight from Shanghai to Beijing.
Hoping to see my colleagues Trudy Sweeney and Greg Carey in Beijing tonight.
A week of meetings ahead and one graduation ceremony.
Meetings include Beijing International School, Beijing Institute of Technology, Central Normal University, Nankai University in Tianjin at this point.
The graduation ceremony Is for the 11th cohort of students in our MEd Program.
Have to say though- flying gives an opportune time for thinking thoughts as well as ‘allowing thoughts to find us’. I had both!
Til later, go well!

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