Planes, thunderstorms, & trains

Yesterday, we stood in line to check in for our Shanghai to Beijing flight.
We were met with, “sorry, the flight is cancelled because of the thunder storm that is coming”!

And the options given were, (1) sit and wait for a flight in the event that the storm moves through quickly OR (2) come back tomorrow and try and get a new ticket OR … (3) Catch a train.

A decision was made; option 3, the train.

The decision had consequences -> Get our skates on to the train terminal -> buy a ticket, board, just made it.
But where do I put my large suitcase? No room.

For the next 2 hours of the 5+ hour trip, I had my large suitcase sandwiched between my seat and the one in front of me. Also jammed in were my legs ….

I had no idea that I would have this particular experience … an experience that called for flexibility, improvisation, patience …

At times I wonder whether we talk about ‘uncertainty’ in a kind of ‘certain’ manner. We acknowledge that uncertainty is a possibility but it exists ‘out there’ or ‘over there’ or more applicable to others …

Have we ‘objectified’ uncertainty as a ‘thing’ that we may or may not encounter? Or is our uncertainty an ‘essence’ of being human?
Is our uncertainty akin to what Heidegger described as ‘throw ness’, an essence of being human which exists beyond the predictability of our rational minds, and beyond our ability to have complete control over our own lives.

I’m signing off now to attend to the calling of a cafe latte resting in front of me ….

C u


Ps: if you’re from flinders, Trudy and Greg have arrived safely


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