Uncovering my meanings of thank you & goodbye

That time has arrived.
I start the journey towards my beloved.
AND I’ve worked out the secret to not missing my beloved; I am going to ask my beloved to come and join me every time I have to leave town for whatever reason.
And certainly this would help when I am scheduled on trips like this one, where i am away from home on our wedding anniversary!

So today I ‘turn’ and start my journey towards home.
Something will ‘turn’ within me today – it always does.
As I leave, somehow I ‘leave’ something behind, like a piece of me.
A piece that remains and can be found again if there is a next time.

It feels like my focus and concern shifts.
This week, the daily matters of home and Flinders haven’t been able to have my first attention, instead, I have been immersed in a different culture, meetings, new faces, and new understandings; not to mention the graduation ceremony (photo below).

This changes today.
The daily matters of home and work need to have more of my attention.
I let go of the transient nature of this week’s activities and return to more familiar faces and surroundings.
I have enjoyed the ‘space’ to think and write on planes, super-trains, subways, taxis, hotel rooms, walking …. the space to ponder and wonder.

There will be many thank-you’s and goodbyes today.
Is there a pattern to how I say thank you and goodbye?

During my first thank you and good bye today, I caught myself saying, “have a wonderful day“.
As I said these words, I found myself thinking, what did I just say? And, what am I meaning to express when I say ‘have a wonderful day’?

These words have me wondering.
Is a ‘wonderful‘ day the same as a ‘wonder-filled‘ day?
Further, is ‘having’ a wonderful day experienced as a ‘wonder-filled’ day?
Could it be? Should it be? I want it to be.
I ‘hope’ so.

And then, there is another word that gets included occasionally, ‘hope’ – I ‘hope’ you have a wonderful / wonder-filled day.

So to those many smiling faces and special people that have influenced and shaped my week, I have written a new expression for saying thank you and good-bye.

“I am ‘hope-filled’ that you have many ‘wonder-filled’ moments today”
(c) Me

I must race now to the ‘Red Elephant cafe’ just along from the hotel to have the best coffee in Beijing. I’m meeting with, and saying a ‘see you later’ to my Flinders colleagues, Trudy, Greg & Libby, who continue teaching today.

till later, c u



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