SASPA conference, 14 – 15 August



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  1. Hi David, Thanks for sharing your Humanity ppt for the SASPA conference. Some thoughts for your consideration, as I listen to the stories of our Queensland colleagues. The translation of theory to practice through examples in a secondary school is important as secondary principals as we know leaders in these contexts are often three times removed from impacting on teachers’ practice. How to build capacity in humanity and leadership in the executive leadership team and heads of department is key. Leaders are swamped currently with managing poor performance and responding to critical incidences – Prioritising humanity and leadership capacity building is complex and requires time. And strategising this enables it.

    Cheers for now Deb

    Deb Merrett A/Director Pedagogy and Leadership Teaching and Learning Services 82264327 0400381353


    1. Agree with you Deb. My thinking is two fold on this: the day to day pressures and challenges organisational need to be considered through a relational lens such that ‘leader’ becomes ‘leadership’, and secondly, clearly established and shared aspirational statements can have the effect of ‘calling the common-unity’ to action. This has been my experience within the School of Education, and my reason for showing some of the strategies that might enable this. I am concerned that I don’t speak ‘at’ rather, speak about my story of a particular organisation and it’s ‘mood’ and ‘life’. Sincerely appreciate your provocation Deb.

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