Just landed in Australia

An invigorating week, and another one ahead.

My colleagues and I are en route to Flinders University having completed 27 interviews in a primary school in New Zealand. The school is in my hometown.

This is the second research project we have conducted in this school; the first using my ‘organisational culture’ tool.

In this new research we focus on one school’s story of developing and embedding capability processes for their teachers and leaders. We have sufficient data for a research report and several articles. Will keep you posted.

I have 36 hours in Adelaide to spend a day at work, re-packing my bag, and flying at 6am Tuesday to China.

In 18 days, I will teach 2 topics of our Educational Leadership and management course to our fourth group of students in China, as well as officiate the graduation of our 1st group of graduates in this course, before giving an inaugural address on ‘relational and strengths based leadership’ at the Beijing Institute of Technology, before returning to Australia after talks with representatives from the Department of Education in KL, Malaysia.

Did you notice the order and spelling of Educational Leadership and management (ELm)?

In short, this is the Flinder’s position which we have articulated in our book ‘co-constructing a relational approach to Educational Leadership and management’.

(If you need more clarity, write me a message).

Take care and have hope



Heading to New Zealand

A research week has arrived. With 2 colleagues, I am heading to a school in NZ with a unique take on leadership development. Lots of interviews and listening ahead. We trust that we can represent the school’s story of creative development.

What a change to my everyday life as a Dean. A week with educational leaders who are playing with refreshing ideas.

Yes, I’m seeing the grand kids too (always a benefit of being in NZ).

Talk soon


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