Amy & Ellie

My radiant daughter Amy, and her first child ‘Ellie’, who is now 20 days today. Photo taken from our excursion to Kings Park in Perth.



Meeting Ellie

We’ve landed in Perth to spend a long weekend with Ellie, my ‘new-est’ grand daughter, now 17 days old, and of course her mum (Amy) and dad (Mike).

The photos are when Ellie and I first met; our first conversation – what a treat!

And now, it’s 6am, Ellie is still asleep. So we rest in anticipation of another day with Ellie and her Mum and Dad.

I’ve been thinking
* It’s wonderful how the conversation ‘moves’ between a Grandpa and a new born: – looking, watching, concentrating, talking.
* It’s like ‘being with’ one another in un- rehearsed ways, holding each moment open.

Amazing how quickly I forgot my emails, oh dear.

Til later, take care