Seeing you in a new year.

It’s time, not just another day but a time to ‘be’ on the move. I have been resting and rest-full, painting doors and savouring my afternoon naps.

But now, it is time! The occasion has arrived. Tomorrow we set off to Kingston SE and Robe, down the South East coast from Adelaide.

‘Driving’ and ‘fishing’ are ways we find refreshing. We love to refresh ourselves ‘in’ the ‘driving’ and the ‘arriving’. We have made it a habit to ‘see what’s around the corner’, heading to places we haven’t been to as an opportunity to see new and contemplative horizons.

I have learned over many years that, if I seek to refresh others, I too need refreshing.

Two thoughts that are important to me: Refreshing is vital and necessary as, in Parker Palmer’s words; teachers give out of ‘who’ they are. Secondly, a scripture I recall reads that ‘good teachers (and leaders) give out of things old and new’, that is, it is not enough to teach and lead in former ways.

Who we are to be with others moves, shifts, changes, and ‘opens’. We change, people change, as does the nature of our service.

In case you’re wondering: the fishing rods are packed.

Take care



Finishing another academic year

Ending an academic year requires a restoration of body, soul and spirit, typically for me, in that order.

The holiday priority then:-

– Re-lax-ing
– Re-fresh-ing
– Re-flect-ing
– Re-wind-ing
– Re-vision-ing

My strategy to relax has been tested over many years:- go fishing, and go on a long drive; both activities where the mind can wander.

This year I started the holiday season with a midnight fishing charter. True to evidence based practice I attach some of the spoils.

With a grin




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