things that matter most must never …

I’m currently reading, “The good life: what makes a life worth living?” (Hugh Mackay, 2013, Macmillan)

Very thought provoking.

For example, chew on this quote from p. 14: “… What is most important to well-being: the quality of relationships … Which, ideally, contribute to a deep and enduring sense of intrinsic worth and existential certainty. As Goethe warned, things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”

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Latest article (2015)

Kedian, J., Giles, D. L., Morrison, M., & Fletcher, M. (2015). Leadership development as a dialogic process: The rationale and concept of an international leadership institute.  International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice, DOI:10.1080/13603124.2014.997800

Relational Leadership and Learning for sustainable and hope-full futures (RLL)


Lock in the first week of July 2015 for the second RLL conference which is to be held at the Flinders School of Education.

Prof John Halsey, Assoc Prof George Otero and I hosted the inaugural international dialogue in 2013 in Sante Fe, New Mexico. This time it is Adelaide’s opportunity to host the conference.

For emerging details: email

For questions (that are easier), write me a comment on this site.


Starting points & signposts

FInding signposts as starting points for a new year

It’s easy to be moved or shuffled into another year by the needs and demands we face daily. For me, the beginning of the year is a time when I keep wanting to feel my way into an awareness of the enduring and new ‘signposts‘ that are pertinent to making 2015 the year it needs to be. For me, it’s about sensing the ‘whole’ which is bigger than I understand at present.

The enduring signpost and starting point is well captured by Hugh Mackay who said,

The starting point is the recognition that we are all inseparably part of each other and that our human destiny is to accept and nurture our conversations” (2013, The Good Life. Macmillan, p. 127)

Wishing you recognition of your signposts …

Take care


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