Heidegger: Being there – why our presence matters.

A beautifully crafted story from a doctoral student in the New York Times. 

My interest in the article begins from my own phenomenological research which works from Heidegger’s notions within an existential philosophy.

A very heart warming article.





Rest when it calls

Been up since 5am. Had to catch the ferry at 9am.  Straight forward really.  Except if you are full of the flu with a fever.  We’ve arrived, nothing like persistence.

Having a beautiful lunch prepared by Pauline at Island Beach, Kangaroo Island SA.  And the view! (Photo attached)

Funny when you plan a holiday, in the act of slowing down, the body gets nervous with a change of daily routine, and reacts.

So my plan- sleep, rest, walk, … 


Relational Leadership & Sensibilities

Two recent  articles which frame the phenomenological  nature of relational leadership and the integral nature with which relational sensibilities are shown in our everyday experiences.

Trust you enjoy


Giles, D. & Palmer, C. (2015). Exploring a Principal’s Practice during a Period of Significant Organizational Change: Relational Leadership and Sensibilities in Action. The Journal of Meaning-Centered Education. Volume 3, Article 1, http://www.meaningcentered.org/exploring-a-principals-practice-during-a-period-of-significant-organizational-change-relational-leadership-and-sensibilities-in-action

Giles, D. (2014). Appreciatively Building Higher Educator’s Relational Sensibilities. The Journal of Meaning-Centered Education. Volume 2, Article 1, http://www.meaningcentered.org/appreciatively-building-higher-educators-relational-sensibilities

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