An address by my Mentor – Professor Liz Smythe

Interested in phenomenological research or the place of Heideggerian literature within phenomenological research ?

I attach an extra-ordinary address from my friend and former doctoral supervisor, Professor Liz Smythe, giving her professorial speech  at Auckland University of Technology.
I am often asked about my take on the nature of phenemonological research – here now is my mentor …..

If you sit through the entire address, you are probably a phenomenological researcher, and if not, you ought to be.

Professor Liz Smythe

Enjoy and savour (chew)

Take care



Finally a thought worth chewing (aka contemplating)

‘Resiliant leaders are intentional’

OR is it

‘Resilient leaders are intentionally relational‘ 

AND (is the reverse also true?)

‘Intentionally relational leaders are more likely resiliant’

Chew on this idea and let me know what you think?

Back to sleep now, but don’t you love the thoughts that find us while we’re not thinking)


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