A call to leadership

I arrived in Xi’an yesterday for the 3rd time.  I travelled with my colleagues, Dr Michael Bell & Allisa Zhoa. Michael has continued on to Chongquig to work with a different class. Before the year is out my other colleagues, Drs Andrew Bills, Bev Rogers & Jenny Stanley will have been teaching in our Educational Leaderhip program. My next trip later in October will be to start the 6th class.

 I am in Xi’an then to start the teaching of our 5th class of students studying in our Flinders Masters of Educational Leadetship course; this time a class of 52 Chinese leaders in Education, and a total well  in excess of 200 studying with us now.

Despite 38 degree temperatures, a 15 hour flight via Hong Kong and Shanghai, leaving a pile of administration from my role as Dean, I am excited to be a ‘teacher’ again.  

Being a teacher has been my vocation for 34+ years through primary & secondary schools, to lecturing in teacher education positions from the early 1990s, lecturing in educational leadership from the mid 1990s to today.

I mention these details as they underpin my deepening sense of urgency, and need, for leadership in education that (1) works out from a robust & coherent educational philosophy, (2) prioritises leadership over their management, and (3) understands that leadership is expressed as an embodied way of being that is always relational. 

To hear a similar sense of concern and need for educational leadership so far from home is sobering.  The local leaders speak of educational reform arising from leaders who keep a dual focus of the immediate context and the other on the possibilities on the horizon; I am sobered again by the commitment to the scale of their dreams.

To be continued (I need to go back to sleep and the battery is running out)

Til later, take care 



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