Relational leaders are available for thoughts to find them

When we seek to work from our strengths and follow our ‘thread’, time flies, life takes over from tasks, and we find in hindsight how immersed relationally we have become.

I love to teach and write. After 16 days in China last month teaching 47 responsive and vibrant Chinese leaders in education, while at the same time ‘working’ the curriculum toward socially constructed ends, and then we add 2 graduation ceremonies with Nankai University and Capitol Normal University; time and priority appeared to reorder itself.
Being available for others’ learning is certainly a privilege teachers know. As Heidegger says, “to teach is to let learn”.

Similarly, having 16 days to be available for thoughts to find me is so satisfying. We are always thinking, but being available for deeper and powerful thoughts to find us is another blessing of teaching. 

Somehow our subconscious being continues to “chew” on ideas when we have stopped talking about them

It’s like our talking and dialogue puts the ingredients in the oven, and our resting in our wondering permissions other creative connections. Our part is to be available and less cluttered for the ‘thought arrival‘.

Next week has all the makings of a richness of thought. 

Flinders University is convening and hosting the 2nd International Dialogue on “Relational Leadership and Learning for hopeful and sustainable futures”. Can’t wait as our friends from Sante Fe and beyond fly in.

In summary then:

– Wishing you ‘thoughts‘ to chew on that you never thought of


Seize the moments that make up this day!

Ka kite



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