Microsoft Virtual University lecture(s)

Recently I was invited to contribute to the Microsoft (USA) Virtual University Learning Series webinar on two topics; Relational Leadership & Appreciative Inquiry.  Participants were leaders from different continents (even some fellow ‘kiwis’)!

Today was the first day.

I spoke on Relational Leadership in 2 time zones this morning – the first between midnight and 1am, and the second between 9 and 10, with not a lot of sleep in between. And all this while on annual leave 😳

I appreciated the level of interest in Relational Leadership. 

One participant,  Sheree, summed our dialogue by reminding us of the Maori saying, “what is the most important thing? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is people. It is people. It is people.”  Another noted that “relationships are the currency of leadership”.

This arrangement of taking 2 sessions on each topic happens again in August on my second topic of interest. On this occassion, I will do a duet with my esteemed colleague, Dr Michael Bell.

A very rewarding and challenging experience; my first use of a webinar.

I must return to my siesta while Pauline is not wasting time with her credit card on Hastings St in Noosa!

Talk soon



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