When is life not about relationships?

A CONFUSED BROTHER:-I like surprises but I like surprising others more. I decided to drop in on my brother yesterday who thought I was still in Adelaide on my computer some 2000 kms away. Talking with him on the phone, while sitting in his driveway, he had no idea that we were in his driveway outside his house. I sent him a picture of his letterbox, mentioned the neighbouring properties, even the green rubbish bin – he still had no idea!  I had GOT him!

He later confessed to thinking I was in Adelaide on my computer using Google earth!!’ The teasing only heightens the pleasure of the family hugs that follow!

A VERY SMALL WORLD:- Over tea last night with family, I mentioned my previous contact with a particular professor in Queensland. At which point, my nephew, who works for Qantas, says I know her – she is a regular flyer! 

It made me think about the ‘degrees of freedom between any two people’ – the idea that in our interconnectedness, we are only separated by a handful of relationships, between ourselves and another fellow human being. I realise again, what a small interconnected world we live in. 

During this evening, I was sitting at the table as a husband, brother, brother in law, uncle, and ‘great uncle’. Earlier in the week I had been round a different table where I had been Grandpa, with my wife, Granny P, my daughter, son in law, and Grand-daughter. During this time we had sent messages to my son and his children to whom I was also grandpa. ALL THIS IN the same WEEK.  The pleasures of inter-generational ‘relationships’ and ‘life’. 

So when is life not relational?

Take care



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