Experiencing decision making

Today was a big one. I sometimes have days when I wake with particular convictions calling out to be named. 
On other days, like today, I woke with the pressing need to take particular information to my 2nd meeting of the day.  

Instead of asking myself why, I’ve learnt to go with it. I move swiftly to alert the relevant people to construct the information for my meeting. The final pieces of information were emailed to me during the meeting.

I’ve had many experiences like this where my decision-making has changed or been confirmed during sleep. It like a time where my subconscious can play with my decisions and ideas, and seek greater alignment within my being. It’s like my soul readies my being for critical moments in the day ahead.   

In the particular meeting, I was asking myself why I had taken copies of this information that had been impressed on me during my sleep. It didn’t seem to fit and wasn’t on the agenda for the meeting.

And then the unexpected happened, an opening for the information arrived right in front of me as if to say, and what might I contribute? 

What initially confused me was that the opening required speaking to the information rather than tabling it. I left the meeting feeling like a job half done. 

On my way from the meeting, I was called in to an impromptu meeting where my supporting documents were sought.

During today’s experiences, I arrived at some decisions that needed to be made. I was very confident in my resolutions. 

And then tonite, after nachos and a beer, I had a deep nap on the couch and woke with a sense that I was living in the following day, with a peace on my decision-making.

So good. As my supervisor used to say to me – ‘trust the process!’


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