Stepping back from positional leadership

Leadership is always a relational engagement.  An engagement regardless of whether you are in a position of leadership or in an informal role of leadership.

One area that requires a lot of  contemplative thought concerns the time to stand back from a position of leadership; what is referred to as the end of a season.

It’s very different to being past your used by date (an expression relating to one’s relevance and currency in your present position).

A change of season involves wondering about the focus for self and others over the next period of time.

I have come through such a decision. I know when I first sensed the need for change; a time when I was becoming reactive, and realised I was becoming ineffectual.

After meeting over an 8 week period with my wife, my mentors, family, and significant friends, I made the decision last week to step down from Dean’s role. After 4.5 years, a new season calls.

  I never know the significance of a decision  till I’ve made it and shared it; only then do understandings of ‘next’ start to emerge.

To be continued …


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