Stepping back from positional leadership

Leadership is always a relational engagement.  An engagement regardless of whether you are in a position of leadership or in an informal role of leadership.

One area that requires a lot of  contemplative thought concerns the time to stand back from a position of leadership; what is referred to as the end of a season.

It’s very different to being past your used by date (an expression relating to one’s relevance and currency in your present position).

A change of season involves wondering about the focus for self and others over the next period of time.

I have come through such a decision. I know when I first sensed the need for change; a time when I was becoming reactive, and realised I was becoming ineffectual.

After meeting over an 8 week period with my wife, my mentors, family, and significant friends, I made the decision last week to step down from Dean’s role. After 4.5 years, a new season calls.

  I never know the significance of a decision  till I’ve made it and shared it; only then do understandings of ‘next’ start to emerge.

To be continued …


7 thoughts on “Stepping back from positional leadership

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  1. Your unique approach and inspirational presentations were always well received by those who chose to listen. You presented your narratives in such a manner that portrayed each unique learner as a hero who was about to embark on the hero’s journey. You spoke from your heart about the nature of the relational encounters between the teacher and the student (the learner and the learner). Thank you and your philosophy will remain in my heart every time I interact with others.

    1. Rodney, appreciate your words. I still have lots to do but from a different chair. i return to my professorial role to research and teach – I’m very exxcited.
      take care

    1. I appreciate your thoughts Samuel – you are indeed a g ift. I am looking forward to returning my professorial role as a researcher and teacher of relational leadership, relational pedagogy, and humane organisational cultures.

  2. David, I may not know what would be your future endeavours but I am sure that you would carry with you what a wonderful human in becoming you are. I consider myself fortunate to spend two years in the the relational space you have created in your department. There could not have been a better place to be.
    What impact your presence and ways of being, left on those who were fortunate to know you, is a gift to be valued and cherished forever. I also may not know what challenges you have or you may have in your life, but I sincerely wish you to succeed through them. So you keep blossoming and keep nurturing souls of all others who come in your way. Much Regards and loads of wishes.

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