Winding up … Winding down …

I’ve just woken from a siesta and the temperature outside is still 44°C.

As of last night I’m now officially on annual leave; that is, my year is wound up, complete, finito!  

And what a special finish it was – drinks, photo booths, costumes, videos, great food, and special friends (also called work mates), not to mention the venue overlooking the beach.  

This bunch of staff enjoy being together; there is mischief in their eyes and fun and laughter follow. Evidence is on Facebook – lol.

So important to look back over the year and celebrate the achievements and the collegial relationships that enabled these accomplishments. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

We all have ways of transitioning from our work week to the holiday season. 

My formula for winding down is as follows : EAT – SLEEP – DRIVE. For me it is vital that I eat and sleep well in the first few days.  In addition we find it helpful to leave town for a few days, just to get out of the familiar surroundings, leaving behind computers and iPads.

This year involved many ‘I won’t be doing that again’ tasks.  In two months time, I step down as Dean of Education after being the Deputy Dean and Dean for 4 1/2 years. 

My decision is motivated by two things, one is that I want to return to my teaching and research and the second is my concern for my own health and well being.  Planning has already began.

Have a good break, eat sleep & drive



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