Finishing a leadership role

Today I stepped down from the Administrative role of Dean of Education amid many beautiful and humbling gestures.  For me, it has been the walking together towards an answer to a question that gives me life.  That question is ‘what are we growing as a School’?

Arriving in Feb 2011, i enjoyed the company and development within the Leadership and Management team.  After 6 months of being here I entered the organizational leadership role of Deputy Dean and then Dean.  In the words of Jonathan Lear, “who would have known”?  My, how time has flown.  This also happens to coincide with our 5 year anniversary of being in Australia.

So what next?  ‘Stepping down’, or ‘across’, or ‘perhaps up’ – I guess it’s a matter of perspective.  For Pauline and I, what’s next is a long awaited month-long vacation to ‘step away’ from a everyday administrative role. Essentially clear the desk and space for the interim and then new Dean of the School.

As I write, we are putting the finishing touches on our luggage for an early morning flight to New Zealand where we will see family, children and grand-children.  Most of our time however, will be in the South Island by ourselves. We’ve not made bookings, we’d rather decide on the move.

I hold the view that, at times like this, understanding what my academic life in a month’s time is too difficult for a number of reasons: firstly we are tired; second we’ve just stepped out of a busy week (all part of a taxing 4.5 years in leadership; and relationships will be adjusting as different roles are now played.   For now, rest, sleep, walking, cuddling, fishing (in reverse of course).  Times of finishing, are opportunities for refreshing, opportunity and aspiration.  During this time, I’ll wonder and ponder what’s next.  We have made some decisions – we’re selling the house, buying a bigger property with a double garage and a vegetable garden. And so we linger in a whole-some pause, ready for new ideas to find us!

C u in our travels


PS  Circle 9th March – this is the launch of the 2nd edition of our book entitled, “Teaching within a relational approach to educational leadership”, Cengage Publishers, Melbourne.  [Can be purchased as an e-book]


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