The things you do when we’re too busy (signed red faced)

My wife and I recently relocated from our home in the beautiful city of Adelaide to the sea side town of Goolwa, some 70 kms south of Adelaide. 

We moved into a rental accomodation with a 12 month lease to check out the town and whether we should buy a home there. During the packing and relocation I ruptured a disc in my back!

This scenario only heightened for me the need for an Internet connection in our new accomodation.

I set about engaging with a provider of internet services, namely Telstra.

I found myself complaining to the technicians over several days that the Internet was not working and explained my level of busyness. Eventually my frustration led me to demand that i speak to a manager. To their credit, they assigned a technician who still could not fix the issue.

While ‘off-line’ I decided to type up some emails in a WORD and then when the Internet was working I could cut and paste these emails. 

After no more than 10 seconds I noticed ‘MY’ problem – I had a letter on my keyboard that wasn’t working; the letter ‘l’.  Soooo embarrassing. 

I had been typing Telstra and discovered in my haste that the letter ‘l’ wasn’t working – no wonder I couldn’t log on.

It’s what happens in the blind spots of being too busy when restful behaviours are required.

My apologies Telstra (with an ‘l’.



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