Reflections on the dialogue (SASPA16)

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Education as the soul …

GK Chesterton “Education is the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next”#SASPA16

A busy time …


Last week South Australian Teachers Registration Board 2016 conference. My topic was entitled “Shaping a critical dialogue around the ongoing formation of ITE student teachers and Early Career Teschers”. 

This week, South Australian Secondary Principals Association 2016. My talk entitled, “Signs of an appropriate rate of change at a local level: two cases”.


Keynote at the New Zealand Normal Schools conference.


Teaching Educational Leadership in China (1 week)


Teaching Educational Leadership in China (3 weeks)

Staying in touch 


Stop press: 3rd International Dialogue

Notice that the “3rd International Dialogue on Relational Leadership and Learning” convened by Professor John Halsey, Associate Professor George Otero and myself.

Where: Sante Fe

When: 1st week, July, 2017

What else? Optional – a guided study tour of New Mexico’s urban and rural education system.

Keep watching – further detail to come


Latest chapter – phenomenology and creative learning in Higher Education

Hello again, I’m back. I’ve had more than 6 weeks laid up before a cortisone injection in my lower back started a more speedy recovery.

This blog entry relates to a co-authored chapter I wrote with the late Dr Clare McCarty. The chapter provides some thoughts on the integration of phenomenology, experiential learning and a form of narrative pedagogy within Higher Education.

The link is to our chapter, the second is to the book

Chapter in new book – Creative Learning in Higher Education

The contents of the entire book

Creative Learning in Higher Education: International perspectives and approaches
Trust you find this useful for working with other adults.

Take care


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