Conversations matter 

It’s funny how we get it wrong  when we are tired and busy.

 I have busy preparing for a keynote address in Auckland NZ, at the same time as I am trying to learn a new software approval package at work to book my travel to China in October. I also have 3 doctoral theses on my desk for review, and several doctoral students needing support. Very busy juggling everything.

Before I went ‘on line’, I spoke with a ‘real live’ travel agent and organised the trip, knowing that then it would be time to have a crash course (no pun intended) on the required software. This was a challenge to complete and also arrange to get the necessary signatures.

I was chuffed that I got through the process in 2 lengthly sittings. In no time, and 30 minutes before closing on a Friday night, I had all my documentation, passport, and other forms for my trip to China in October, to the travel agent. What a relief!

Feeling pleased with myself, I decided to drive home on a different route and let my mind wander about thoughts for my keynote on Tuesday in New Zealand.

In the middle of my solitude my phone rang. It was the agent. Before she could say a word I leapt in with another set of thank you’s.

And then the question that threw me: she said, “do I have 2 passports?” 

“No” I said. 

Then it came – “I have your passport in the package with the visa application awaiting a courier, and I remember that you said in passing that you were going to New Zealand on Tuesday, so what passport are you  going to use on Tuesday?”

I hadn’t given it a thought!

 If the agent hadn’t recalled a passing comments, I could have been at the airport, ticket in hand but no passport !!!??!!


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