Waking up to -2°C

I start my second teaching series tomorrow, having flown from xi’an to Beijing this afternoon. And I am in the process trying to shake off a very nasty virus. Plenty of nasal spray’s. Hot water. Cough lollies.

 I’ve noticed that relentless coughing does seem to have an impact on the conversations you have on a plane. 

I was relieved to see the number of people that have earphones and probably were less affected by my barking.

I won’t mention some difficult conversations with airline staff on both flights, Adelaide to Sydney, and from Sydney to Shanghai, about the rationale for my continuing into China with the flu. Determination required. (instead of ‘determination required’ Siri had written ‘termination required’). Is this something subliminal about phones? Who is this referring to? Is this big brother? Or perhaps I am overtired.


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