Relocating back to NZ

Greetings from NZ. After more than 9+ years living in the beautiful South Australia, we (and the other 29 passengers on the flight) have returned to our home land. And what a different welcome!

I write from inside my required period of self- isolation. This is day 8 out of 14, and then we have a further 14 days of national lockdown.

Been thinking, it’s not all bad although not being able to see or hug the kids or grandkids is tough. Isolation is good for the rest required from selling up and changing country. It’s humbling not being allowed to go to the supermarket only to have my daughter and hubby leave groceries by our door. Precious.

Been thinking about the times we are in as educational leaders. These are times when we must not loose sight of our purpose. The reason for our being educators.

Our purpose doesn’t change when everything else seems to. A purpose that involves relational beings, relational pedagogy, within a relational context.

And that purpose is of course, the growth and formation of our learners in the context of a relational community. Lest we forget.


What’s in a name?

Three months ago, I retired from Flinders University to embark on a new season of my professional life in educational consultancy.

I have an aspiration of wanting to ‘give back’ and ‘influence’ Educational Leaders in schools and tertiary systems, by exploring with them (and their staff), what life-centric practice might look like in their particular context.

My focus is on South Australia and New Zealand in the first instance, although I would appreciate your referrals.

I have named my consultancy, “Life-centric Educational Consultancy”.

What’s in a name?

I first constructed this title back in 2003 when I was reading literature for my doctorate. This was when I first came across Appreciative Inquiry and, as they say, the rest is history.

My quest to explore the ‘life’ of an organisation and its’ leadership still catches my imagination.

I look forward to your interaction.


Heading off to NZ

This month we continue our consultancy in NZ within 2 schools. We have worked in the schools before. They are places that give me a sense of life. It’s so refreshing to hear the aspirations of these leaders.


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